LIFEPAC® Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 幼儿园数学学生用书 2



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Looking for a fun, math workbook for your kindergartener? Try the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 2! Beginning math topics covered include colors, shapes, number order, addition and subtraction, place value, time, and money. Easy-to-follow lessons 81-160, perforated pages, and traceable guide lines are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.

为您的幼儿园儿童寻找有趣的数学练习册? 试试LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书2! 涵盖的开始数学主题包括颜色,形状,数字顺序,加法和减法,地点价值,时间和金钱。 这个Alpha Omega课程包含易于学习的课程81-160,穿孔页面和可追溯的指南。




Does your kindergartener need help learning his numbers? Not sure how to teach him? Alpha Omega Publications has the answer—the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 2! This colorful, consumable workbook from Alpha Omega Publications has encouraging lessons made just for your young student! This easy-to-follow student book covers essential, math-based topics like directions, colors, shapes, sequencing, problem solving, addition and subtraction from 1-10, place value, time, money, and skip counting. Filled with step-by-step lessons, this second of two LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Books is made to build solid arithmetic foundations that will prepare your child for first grade!

And there's more! The LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 also has perforated pages for easy removal. This thoughtful convenience makes it much easier for your student to complete math problems and practice writing numbers! And this homeschool student book has bright, cheerful illustrations to motivate student learning! Isn't that great? The LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 also offers flexible lessons perfect for personalized instruction! And consistent reviews and integrated subject material are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum to ensure student comprehension. So don't wait to teach your child math—it's so easy and fun! Just order the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 and get started today.




您的幼儿园儿童是否需要帮助学习他的数字?不知道怎么教他? 阿尔法欧米伽出版社有答案 -  LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书2!这本来自阿尔法欧米伽出版社的丰富多彩的耗材工作簿为您的年轻学生提供了令人鼓舞的课程!这本易于学习的学生书涵盖了基本的,基于数学的主题,如方向,颜色,形状,排序,问题解决,1-10的加法和减法,地点值,时间,金钱和跳过计数。这两本LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生书籍中的第二本是为了让您的孩子为一年级做好准备,而且已经完成了一步一步的课程。


而且还有更多! LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书2也有穿孔页面,便于拆卸。这种周到的便利性使您的学生更容易完成数学问题并练习写数字!这本家庭教育学生书籍有明亮,开朗的插图,可以激发学生的学习!那不是很好吗? LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书2还提供灵活的课程,非常适合个性化教学!此阿尔法欧米伽课程中包含一致的评论和综合主题材料,以确保学生理解。所以不要等到教你的孩子数学 - 它是如此简单有趣!只需订购LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书2并立即开始使用。

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