LIFEPAC® 1st Grade Reading Basics Book 4 生命课程一年级阅读基础书 4



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Reading Basics Book 4, Flying My Kite, integrates progressive phonics into a series of vocabulary-controlled stories. This full-color reader is filled with high-interest, phonics-based stories, sure to captivate your child's interest!






Teaching a child to read is one of the most important tasks a homeschool parent will ever face! Using the right tools makes the job much easier! A part of the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts curriculum, Reading Basics Book 4 was designed with your new reader in mind. Utilizing mostly 1- and 2-syllable words, the stories in Flying My Kite gradually increase in length and difficulty. Long vowel words, -ing endings, -ed endings, -y endings, silent e, as well as more digraphs and diphthongs, are some of the phonics concepts covered in this child-friendly reader.

Based on a systematic phonics approach, Reading Basics Book 4 contains 24 high-interest stories sure to please any young reader! Since drilling of high-frequency sight words helps to increase fluency, this reader includes a list of instant words used in the stories. While this reader can be used independently, teaching instructions for incorporating its use into the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts homeschool program are detailed within the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts teacher's guides. Comprehension questions can be found in the Reading Basics Reader Study Guide.






教孩子读书是家庭学校父母将要面对的最重要的任务之一!使用正确的工具可以使工作轻松得多!《 LIFEPAC一年级语言艺术》课程的一部分,《阅读基础知识》第4册是为您的新读者而设计的。《放飞我的风筝》中的故事主要使用1个和2个音节的单词,其长度和难度逐渐增加。较长的元音单词,-ing结尾,-ed结尾,-y结尾,无声e以及更多的有向音和二重音,是该儿童友好型读者所涵盖的一些语音概念。




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