LIFEPAC® 7th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®7年级圣经学生本10单元套装


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Are you ready to teach your seventh grader about the Bible but don't need the teacher's guide? Then order the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set! These ten consumable, print-based worktexts contain one full year of Bible lessons. Each one includes information-rich lessons for this Alpha Omega curriculum and a removable teacher-administered test.

您准备好教您的七年级学生有关圣经的知识了,但是不需要老师的指导吗?然后订购LIFEPAC 7年级圣经10单元套装!这十种基于印刷的易耗品工作文本包含一整年的圣经课程。每个课程都包含有关此Alpha Omega课程的信息丰富的课程,以及可移动的教师管理的测试。



Nothing is more important than instilling biblical truths in your child's heart.  Ready to teach LIFEPAC Bible to your seventh grader, but don't need a teacher's guide? The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set is a set of ten engaging, easy-to-follow worktexts that will challenge your child and help him develop his understanding of God and the Bible. Colorful lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum are filled with fun activities and cover the origin and fall of man, the fulfilled prophesies about the Messiah, and God's plan for mankind. Other topics include worship, the attributes of God, and the life of Christ.

But wait—there's more to love about this outstanding Bible program. In addition to text-based instruction, this self-paced booklet includes colorful illustrations, thought-provoking comprehension exercises, regular self tests, and a teacher-administered unit test—all designed to encourage mastery of lesson content. And because each LIFEPAC worktext can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, your student will experience a sense of accomplishment with the completion of each one. Teacher's guide not included. So don't delay. Get a full year of a best-selling homeschool curriculum in one simple step! Add the LIFEPAC 7th Grade Bible 10-Unit Set to your cart today.




但是,等等-这个杰出的圣经程序还有很多值得我们爱的地方。除了基于文本的指导外,这本自定进度的小册子还包括彩色插图,发人深省的理解练习,定期的自测和由教师管理的单元测试,所有这些旨在鼓励人们掌握课程内容。而且由于每个LIFEPAC工作文本都可以在短短的三到四个星期内完成,因此您的学生会在完成每个工作后都感到有成就感。不包括教师指南。所以不要拖延。一个简单的步骤即可获得一整年最畅销的家庭学校课程!立即将LIFEPAC 7年级圣经10件套装放入购物车。